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Heels are a state of mind!

I recently received an invitation to discover the new collection and the shoe brand Ancolette. The concept and the invitation looked very interesting so I was eager to se more.

The launch was taking place in a Dacia 24 showroom where I could discover also some clothes local designers.

The creator of Ancolette, Anca Tanase shared her vision about the new collection.

Made out of fine textures and delicate details the Ancolette shoes are stil made to be worn the entire day and not to be kept in a box. The colors are trendy, light green, electric blue or greenery and the most important the heel is very high but comfortable.

The evening contained a new collection presentation where on the catwalk we could admire each piece worn and imagine it with outfits and at the end we could try the entire collection.

Loved a pair of sandals so delicate with a very high heel that I can wear to elevate and casual outfit or smart with a dress.

I invite you to discover Ancolette  shoes and Dacia 24 concept store.

Photo credits: Ancolette