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When taking a look in my closet at my shoe collection I noticed one thing.

My best pairs are worn most rarely, to a party, a wedding or a special occasion.

So this became the topic when we met at a friends bar called Infusion where they serve incredible foamy cappuccinos and best croissants ever.

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The discussion started, girls how do you measure the return on investment on a really expensive pair of shoes or a dress? All my shoes are at home, on display like in an exhibition, and I barely succeed in wearing them.

“If I go to two parties or weddings then I consider that the dress has delivered on its investment” said the first friend “then when I wear it more it’s like I start to earn money back”.

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“I only buy versatile shoes or clothes and wear them on many occasions, I’m not the girl with that dress”. Remarked another friend.

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Then there was the male friend at our table who gave his opinion “I consider my shirt to have delivered its return when I have been on three good dates with three woman.”

“So you are get a return on your shirt right now with us? Came the question? “whilst we are talking and you are gaining a return on your investment?”.

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Photo credits: Storyalist