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The lifestyle of a career girl is on the go, she has a full agenda every day with no minutes to waste. Her time is very well calculated, 30 minutes for this, 45 minutes for that.

She must look sharp any minute in the day and after work she might go to a gathering with friends, an event or just dinner. Throughout the day  she will be wearing the same outfit,  but adjusted through accessories.

She carries her life with her in her bag, wallet, agenda, cosmetics, makeup, files, keys, business cards and many, many more useful things.

If the career girl carries her life in her bag, and the bag also needs to be suitable to all occasions. Then what kind of bag should the career girl carry? And how many bags My proposal… a timeless and versatile bag from Smiles Bags

“Smile Bags is inspired by the imperfections of unfinished cow leather. Each piece of thick and soft natural leather we use has a fingerprint, a sign of imperfection that adds value and tells a story. Like great wine our bags become better and more refined with time.”

The bags created by Smile bags are lifetime companions. The sewing on the sides follow the pattern of Yin and Yang for harmony and more closeness to the human nature.

It will age gracefully and get even more beautiful. It is such a well designed and engineered bag.

They  have a special offer for you for few days from 20-22 December as a special discounts for Christmas.

They have 50% discounts on the best piece from the website available in here with the code smilesbagsperfectgift and 30% discount on the office accessories available here with the code Smilesbagsfashionable.

Now you can buy a timeless gift for yourself or loved ones! Happy shopping!

Smiles bags

Photo credits: Jeroen Paesen and Smile bags