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What s your number of shoes?

There comes a time in your life when you just have to be honest with yourself as you reflect about “your number”… the number of shoes in your closet of course.

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Last Sunday over desserts we were discussing the number of shoes, which brought out the laughter in everyone. I am not sure why.

“So what’s your number?…” The first to respond came with the answer “30”, quickly followed by another response “20 favorite pairs” clearly trying to keep the number low due to the close proximity of her boyfriend.

As we proceeded around the table came the turn of the only man, we all waited for his answer with anticipation.

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There was a pause as he pondered his response, which was filled by the remark “you can count your business flip-flops if you like” imagining that as he lived in the Caribbean the office attire may be a little more relaxed. Finally his answer came… “20… including my business flip-flops”

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Girls my conclusion is that men don t care about the number, as long as their number is not much smaller than yours!

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