Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Every time I travel at the weekend my luggage gets lighter and lighter, now I carry only the essentials.

I only travel with hand luggage  small, compact, suitable for most of the airlines, which saves a lot of time, as a result packing has to be very efficient.

1. A pair of heels from Hannami Shoes, dinner in Paris can be so romantic;

2. Two pair of trousers or jeans, find my favourite here, in black or dark colour in addition to the pair I am wearing;

3. A nice dress, preferably  from an non-crease material;

4. A thin rain coat;

5. Flat shoes for the plane, it might be chili;

6. A scarf that I keep in my bag;

7. Red lipstickș

8. A cosmetic travel set from Frezyderm, my favorite is the cream against dark circles;

9. My iPad that holds all my literature for the plane, my poetry is called Vogue;

10. And finally, a book to get me in the vacation mood, must read “How to be Parisian whenever you are“guide, my bible for how to be Parisian.

Stay tuned! See you in my next article.


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Photo credits: Jeroen Paesen