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Visiting a vineyard was on my bucket list for a long time so when we were invited to Tohani vinery we were more than happy to visit “the seventh hills loved by the sun”  and have a the great experience of tasting wines.

The story of  Tohani vineyard

We found out that the place  located in Prahova has a beautiful love story around year 1930 the Prince Nicolae of Romania the brother of Carol the second become the owner of the vinery. He meet and fall in love here with Ioana Dumitrescu Doletti. The splendid part is that he give up on his royal title to marry Ioana secretly.

Visiting the interior of the winery was quite an experience, the process of making wine is quite sophisticated.

Wine Tasting Etiquette

Knowing the Wine Tasting Etiquette is always helpful:
1 – Look. Holding the wine glass up against a white background, to evaluate its colour and clarity.
2 –Swirl the wine in your glass to aerate it
3 – Smell the wine.
4 – Taste it.

What wine we tasted?

The pretext of the beautiful party were few medals recently received recently in New York.

Duble Gold Medal – Apogeum IV 

Gold Medal – Apogeum III și Cuvee Dolette

Silver Medal – Cuvee Nicolae și Maestro

 What’s next?

Tohani is preparing a surprise for the fall. The place will not be only  open for visiting for a day, it will be possible to stay for the weekend. But these in another story. Stay tuned!


Laura Ghitoi

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Hugs, Ela