spring essentials

As the spring wind is blowing in my closet my first thought was “I have nothing to wear” and I felt the need of something new, so I started my searching for the perfect trendy pieces. I was thinking of a capsule of few pieces that can be matched very easily in an effortless outfit for everyday life work or in off duty moments and that could refresh my wardrobe. I like to choose pieces that can be used most of the year.

Here are spring essentials:

  1. Ruffled pink top is a very feminine piece perfect for the spring days , can be matched perfectly with flat ballerina shoes or comfy shoes. SHOP IT HERE
  2. Pencil skirt, mostly used in business outfits was under the spotlight in the last seasons. Wear it with flats to add a touch of “cool” to your outfit. SHOP IT HERE
  3.  Slip on  metallic shoes SHOP IT HERE , they go with everything, still I wouldn’t try to put another metallic in the same outfit, keep it simple!
  4. The saddle bag is comfortable for everyday life or for travels this piece will add some instant styleness to your whole outfit SHOP IT HERE
  5. The glove shoes seem to get more attention and space in our closets. Your grandma will be proud of you. I choose the suede leather, it never goes out of style, SHOP IT HERE
  6. The labeled hoodie, make me think of weekend or vacation, I like to wear it with a classic coat and sneakers,  SHOP IT HERE
  7. The skinny jeans, you can never have to many pairs SHOP IT HERE
  8. The ballerina flats, I think this item is bought right now by thousand of woman around the world, so French SHOP IT HERE
  9. “Life a party” clutch a statement piece to add to a casual outfit SHOP IT HERE

This is it for today.

Stay tuned!