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Every time I return to Transylvania I recharge my batteries, I come back refreshed and relaxed. As we had special guests last weekend we took them to Transylvania as I am very proud to be born there.

So here are top things to do in Transylvania:

Bran Castle – The main attraction of Transylvania was of course the mysterious castle of Bran where Dracula lived. We searched for the vampires but instead of this we found a very cozy and almost romantic castle where you can learn a lot about Romanian history.

So many groups of tourists were coming and going in the area, the story of Bram Stoker clearly reached many. Everybody is expecting to find vampires.

At the base of the castle you can have a treat with Romanian food and buy vampire accessories from a small market. Don’t miss it, it has the locatlcharm!

Black Church –  The second must do, whilst in Transylvania is to visit the Black Church, this imposing church right in the center of Brasov was started more then 600 years ago. I was impressed by the big organ on which, every week, concerts are played. During Christmas time the entire area around the church enjoys the great music.

White Tower – The White tower is a part of medieval Brasov and and makes up part of  the ancient defence wall of Brasov. After climbing more then 200 steps you’ll feel rewarded by the beautiful view.

The main Square of Brasov called Piata Sfatului was the place where merchants did their selling in medieval times. I am still very curious how Brasov was in those times. I love to sit in Piata Sfatului to drink a coffee in one of the many cafe’s whilst I think of the history of the city, meanwhile the pigeons fly around the museum of history, as I imagine they have done for centuries.

The Hirsher House, now a restaurant and a hotel,  was built almost 500 years ago by Apollonia Hirscher the wife of the former count Lukas Hirscher in his memory. Make sure you pay a visit in this restaurant, we enjoyed great food accompanied by fantastic Romanian wine, a wonderful ambiance and great service.

If you want to get to Transylvania and visit Bran Castle then you must fly to Bucharest and take a train or rent a car  to Brasov or Bran. Usually this takes like three hours. The scenery to get in the mountains in marvellous.

The prices are more then reasonable in Transylvania.

Where to stay: For three days weekend you can pay below 200 euros in the top season July- August for accomodation. Check accommodation for Brasov here .

Our favourite is Casa Hirsher, they have also the restaurant we recommended above.

If you want to stay in Bran, which is aproximate 30 kilometers away from Brasov, then you can find accommodation here.

Our favourite choice is here.

Restaurants: You can get get very good value for money in Transylvania. A meal to a nice restaurant in Brasov for two persons will be around 50 euros or less.

Plane tickets: For good prices and comparing we recommend Momondo, remember you must fly to Bucharest Otopeni (OTP).

Transylvania is wonderful, enjoy it!


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Photo credits: Jeroen Paesen