I was so honored when Oana Thomas, the owner from Eden Lingerie invited me to be part of the preparing the Made to Measure section for the Eden Lingerie website.

Together with three other bloggers we were invited to a creative workshop at the Eden Lingerie Atelier where we had the chance to create our own items. The team was made up of Adina  from Vison on Fashion , Elena from Zana Boema and Georgiana from georgianaciofoaia.ro.

Made to measure

made to measure eden lingerie

The weekend before I prepared for the workshop with few ideas and tried to sketch few models. What can be more creative then being able to think up your own idea, knowing that it will become true?

fashion blogger eden lingerie

blog de fashion

Eden Lingerie team

When we gathered for the workshop and I saw all that materials, silk and special lace I was able to really visualize my creation. I fell in love with some red silk, which I combined with black lace. When I put them together, that was it. Under the guidance of Geanina, the production Manager, we got into the next stage, matching the patterns on the material and cutting the material. The sewing machine tempted me. I might need to get one.

With all the measurements made our items went to production. All we had to do was wait patiently to see the finished items. We agreed to meet again for the unboxing of our very personally designed items at a very special location… Floraria Floria, a little piece of heaven.

The results were stunning, a luxury product at a very affordable price, 90 ron. Our items were like little pieces of lace jewelry. Check the photos and soon you’ll find them online at edenlingerie.ro

Why not go and pick out your favourite Eden Lingerie!

Unboxing Location: Floria in Strada, floraria online cu livrare www.floria.ro

Photo credit: Jeroen Paesen.