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Vienna still has an imperial vibe, and classical music is truly at home there with the likes of Mozart and Beethoven having called it their home. What are the top three things I have in mind when i think  of Vienna?  Wiener Schnitzel , Sacher Torte and Graben Strasse.

But let’s start at the beginning with a list of must see in Vienna:

Rathaus : the city hall of Vienna impresses by it’s architecture. In the vast square in front of the building the various events seem to be a constant whether it is an ice rink in the winter or concerts and outdoor cinema in the summer. It’s a place where both children and adults are entertained.

St Stephen’s Cathedral or Stephansdom is the landmark of Vienna, a very majestic building 107 meters tall. Is has approximate three  million visitors per year.

The dom sits in a square with the same name, Stephanplatz from where you can visit the two main shopping streets Graben and Karntner strasse.

Schonbrunn Palace, you’ll enjoy this tour of the imperial era. You can visit specific parts of the palace or all of them depending on the amount of time you have available: the Imperial apartments of Franz Joseph and Sisi, the Privy Garden, Orangerie or the the Zoo.  Just be sure that you book your ticket online in advance otherwise the queues can be quite long, specially during summer.

Schimetterling Haus is the Imperial Butterfly House where the emperor Franz Joseph and Sisi found their tranquility, watching the beautiful species of colourful butterflies. Today you can step inside and visit the butterflies flying free in this oasis. Take notice that the place is ideal to visit in winter as inside there are around 35 degrees so makes for a great warm up opportunity.

Palmenhouse is a huge glass house located just next to the Schmiterlinghaus and within walking distance from the opera. It is a great place to have a drink or eat whilst  taking in the ambience given by the high glass ceiling and the buzz from the other dinners . We tried the local draft beer and the famous wiener schnitzel.

It is a cozy place for late breakfast, lunch or dinner. At night they have entertainment with music provided by a DJ.

Cafe Sacher is my personal favourite, my number one place to see in Vienna. It is very popular, expect to queue just to enter. It is located around just a short walk from the Opera house.

The Sacher Torte was created by Franz Sacher in 1832 when he was only sixteen. The main chef from the court was ill and he had to replace him and make a good impression for the court’s guests, the pressure was on not to disappoint. The now famous tort contains Genoise chocolate, apricot marmalade and whipped cream on top. We took two menus with the tort and hot chocolate. You can buy Sacher Torte as a souvenir they sell it wrapped in wooden boxes.

I hope you’ll enjoy Vienna! It’s a wonderful city which smells like chocolate and coffee at every corner.

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Stay tuned! See you in my next article.


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Photo credits: Jeroen Paesen

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