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I got the book in an airport few weeks ago. The title L’art de la Simplicite caught my attention. As I am so busy every second, I could use some simplicity. I couldn’t put it down in the next days.

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The main idea that I remained was simplify every chapter of  life and praise the minimalism.

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When I got my favorite chapter the wardrobe I got few valuable lessons here too. I liked the advice of buying pieces that can be worn most of the year. Also to buy for the present moment and proper for everyday activities.

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Starting from there last weekend I started the simplifying of my wardrobe.

I kept only the essentials and things that I wear most of the time. I gave or tossed the seasonal, once per year worn clothes. I had a great feeling at the end and my wardrobe had space.

I needed only few new clothes to finish my masterpiece.

Online shopping became so easy so I started to study few online stores. I was looking for some comfortable wide leg trousers. I found few really versatile trousers here: trousers   and I this cool tshirt to match them with. I could build two outfits from the ordered items. A 24 hours outfit with high heels and a white shirt, you can find the the shirt in the Tops section,  and a relaxed outfit with a tshirt and comfortable trousers.

So in this minimalism state of mind, I let you enjoy these summer days.

Stay tuned! See you in my next article.


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Photo credits: Jeroen Paesen