There are so many reasons why 2017 was a great year. But escaping after a busy 10 months and jetting off to the Maldives was the icing on the cake. The first contact with our ‘new home’ in the Maldives after a lengthy 18 hours of travel was delightful.…

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The end of fall in London tasted just like my first expresso martini. Refreshing, sweet and surprising. The streets are already decorated for Christmas and the windows of the department stores on Oxford Street are  transformed into lifelike Christmas fairytales, getting children as well as the adults excited for the…

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I got the book in an airport few weeks ago. The title L'art de la Simplicite caught my attention. As I am so busy every second, I could use some simplicity. I couldn't put it down in the next days. The main idea that I remained was simplify every chapter…

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Travelling dress

Girogal 17 - Copy

I love travelling, that's nothing new but I like to travel light so I must fit everything in my small hand luggage. How do I do it? Simple, I think in outfits with every item on my packing list having the versatility to suit casual and more formal occasions. A…

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Heels are a state of mind! I recently received an invitation to discover the new collection and the shoe brand Ancolette. The concept and the invitation looked very interesting so I was eager to se more. The launch was taking place in a Dacia 24 showroom where I could discover also…

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Do be true to you

Beauty Essentials

The new spring collection from Pandora is glowing, versatile and transmits strength expressing style and joy. The new campaign DO talks about values, about integrity about social and environmental responsibility. With the message DO BE TRUE TO YOU , wearing Pandora jewelries becomes a choice for values presenting inspirational woman like  Mamé Adjei.…

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Spring essentials

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As the spring wind is blowing in my closet my first thought was "I have nothing to wear" and I felt the need of something new, so I started my searching for the perfect trendy pieces. I was thinking of a capsule of few pieces that can be matched very easily…

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Last week on Valentine's day I was invited by Starbucks in Afi Cotroceni for a special experience, to learn how to make art on a latte. The secret is in the steaming time. After practicing few times you can tell, when the milk has a silky texture it is ready to be poured onto…

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Just Classics


This week started out really nice, my shoes took me to a wonderful event about classic cars organized at the Tiriac Collection, a car collection ranging from truly vintage to modern powerful. I admired the wonderful classic cars, each with it's own story, some could transport you to beginning of car…

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Santa Baby

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  This year is not necessary to sing to Santa or to be good. You can be bad all year and still get the bag of the shoes because they are very affordable, you can even save money by buying them. I made a selection with some very trendy pieces.…

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Cool fashion finds

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cool fashion finds

We all know that being fashionable and cool requires some time for research acknowledging the trends and  then a desire to reinvent yourself. My approach, as usual is to browse online and create my personal wishlist of the items I like the most. Fashion Days amazed me with the wide…

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I was so honored when Oana Thomas, the owner from Eden Lingerie invited me to be part of the preparing the Made to Measure section for the Eden Lingerie website. Together with three other bloggers we were invited to a creative workshop at the Eden Lingerie Atelier where we had…

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