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Head in the clouds and feet on the ground matches exactly with my mood these days. I am counting the days until our vacation to Italy, in the meantime we relax here in Bucharest. During the weekend we visited the sunflower fields,  I wanted to see them to enjoy the colors and the nature. They were indeed beau-ti-ful!

It was windy and pleasant, there was a smell of  hot summer and the flowers were waiting for sunset which would bring the fresher night air.

This moment put me in the mood of packing my luggage immediately.

But for now it’s  back to planet earth, and all I can do for now is prepare my vacation outfits. Here is what I found:

1.The striped trousers that I am wearing in the photos:

pantaloni dungi 2

pantaloni dungi

You can find them here  The material is natural and comfortable and the price is incredible.

2. The white shirt to match my pleated skirts.

camasa alba

Find it here

3. The perfect jumpsuit:

salopeta dungi 2

salopeta dungi

You can find it here! Incredible price again!

Answear is awesome, I am addicted to online shopping lately.

Photo credits: Jeroen Paesen and Answear