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It was my boyfriends birthday recently and I wanted a gift that would make the day very special. The idea of a sunset sailing trip seemed to fit the description as a perfect gift. So last Sunday we set off with the wind in our sails to enjoy the sunset.

Well, I must tell you that this experience changed my perspective on boats and sailors (pirates included).

  1. To be a part of sailing crew you need a lot of knowledge and skills. You have to be very efficient with perfect co-ordination acting exactly at the right moment, the crew is a whole, and you must trust your crew.
  2. The wind is a powerful resource for speed. If you have good wind from the right direction, you can make the most of this trip. We went with 6-7 knots. The boat was inclined at 30-40 degrees as we smashed through the waves. One thing is for certain,  you can not sit peacefully drinking your wine during this.
  3. The main sail goes up first, followed by the jib, which requires some serious rope pulling from the crew. Trimming is an ongoing process during the entire trip to ensure the perfect wind is in the sails.
  4. There are some very interesting jobs in the sailing crew: I liked the skipper and the navigator like in my photos. The skipper has the final say on strategy and tactics and works very closely with the navigator who ensures the position of the boat is optimized in order to take the most advantage of the wind. During our trip Andreea and Andrei created a very good synergy. Then there are the trimmers, the guys pulling ropes and adjusting the sails and finally the crew member who was supervising from the front of the boat. You could hear from time to time: 10 degrees tribord or 5 degrees babord. I was just hoping, he won’t say: Iceberg right ahead! 😉
  5. My favorite maneuver during the trip was the tack. (volta in Romanian). We made like 10-12 tacks and when we heard meant that we were turning the boat to align it with the wind.



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Sailing at the sunset is something to do at least once in your lifetime,  something that you must put on your bucket list. Sailing by night was peaceful as at the end of our trip the wind chilled down. It was peaceful and I could head my thoughts very clearly: I want a boat like this, I want a boat like this!

Thank you Party Sails and Ovidiu for the experience!

Photo credits: Jeroen Paesen