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Transitioning to your winter wardrobe can be challenging. It feels like you have to take out half of you closet. Suddenly your thinking needs to switch from skirts, heels and t-shirts to boots, sweaters and winter jackets.

This year I approached winter differently, I just chose a few versatile items. My idea was to build a money saving capsule wardrobe with the same common elements,  no matter whether bought for casual or office wear.

I invested in few jackets and shirts and then I added elements according to the occasion.

My starting point was a white shirt. When I built the casual outfit, I choose a funny t-shirt under and casual shoes, and metallic elements for shoes and bag. In the case of the office look I changed the shoes, kept the shirt and the coat. The great thing about this coat is that it becomes a jacket in few seconds. You can remove the white part and the sleeves.

You don’t need to buy the whole wardrobe, rather simply buy a few very nice pieces that can contribute to any type of outfit you are deciding to build.


Stay tuned! See you in my next article.


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Photo credits: Jeroen Paesen