I must say that being back in reality after the vacation season is always sudden. September arrived and I was still dreaming about seaside weekends with sand on my feet and salty water and of our Italian escapade in Venice with the gondoliers asking: gondola signore?

I discovered English Home recently.  I was wandering around the mall searching for home stuff. We were having guests the next weekend and some matching towels were needed. A friend told me that English Home has some great towels made of bamboo, a new organic material, and there are 50% sales. Well, I found them and got few.  It was a wonderful choice. They are soft and feel like cashmere.

Last weekend I returned to English Home.  New visitors, and this time I needed sheets. Well I have found the some striped ones that took me back to that vacation feeling. Then I found this tray perfect for breakfast, and some coffee cups  with a sea theme, and then I had to stop, I realized that I was buying the entire store.

I took home all my treasures and the next day we had a very nice Sunday at home. Fruits, coffee, pancakes, books and good music. It’s so good at home. Coming back from vacation is perfect!

Thank you English Home!



Photo credits: Jeroen Paesen