A corporate girl with an interest in fashion and a full wardrobe of outfits also has a need for a fully functioning washing machine and an iron. Whilst these may be less interesting, they are both important if you want to keep looking beautiful. whenever one of these two lets me down, well… I panic. One week ago my iron decide to go on strike which promoted my imagination to go while and before I could control it I had images of skirts, shirts and trousers piled from floor to ceiling.  I quickly called the manufacture to explore solutions.

It has since become obvious to me that the iron simply wanted a vacation, it has been so overworked with hardly ever getting a break. We all know that feeling.  Fortunately they manufacturer offered me a new iron, the only downside being I had to take trip out of the city to a somewhat remote warehouse to go and pick it up, if I wanted a rapid solution.

As it turns out, the trip to the warehouse has great fun! After a quick review of the paperwork I was sent along to the forklift driver to collect the iron. The forklift driver showed up with my iron in style, spinning the forklift around as if he has in a stunt car competition with a clear intent to impress. Concerned about my new iron, I suggested he be careful as I did not want a new broken iron to which the smiley and  friendly response came ‘don’t worry, I take pride in my job, and I do it pretty well’.

As I left the warehouse with my new iron intact I could not help but think about the forklift driver and the enjoyment and passion he showed towards his job.

My thought of the day: no matter what job you have, an office worker, a forklift driver or chasing geese, take pride in what you do and you will enjoy it more.