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Well, well last weekend the autumn visited me with wind and rain. I could not accept that so I stayed at home and tried not look out of the window at all. This is how I discovered that weekends at home are not bad and that relaxing with cinnamon tea and good music can put you in a good mood, I took the opportunity to create my own spa at home.

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With some help from English Home, I created the ideal atmosphere with just a few items. The best feeling is the cashmere touch given by the soft bamboo towels that relax you immediately. You can’t go back to regular towels after using these.

Next  I prepared a bathroom rug , a plush bathrobe, scented candles and a bubble bath.

No matter what you choose for your relaxing spa day at home, to put some cucumber on you eyes, masks on your face or just relax, make a visit to English Home before. Currently they have 50% sales. You might want to buy towels, or gifts for your friends, or bed sheets, or a dessert set, or drapes or maybe the entire store. I’m dreaming about a whole collection of beige towels. I have only eight.

Photo credits: Jeroen Paesen