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I’m sure you have seen the movie The Devil wears Prada. The beginning is great, it seems like every woman in Manhattan is preparing their day  trough their own little routine. Choosing the details of their outfit, underwear, jewelry, clothes , and shoes that will govern the day.

When I received the beautiful golden box from Eden Lingerie packed so carefully I felt eager to open it to see the lingerie inside, all custom made for me.

And this was it: the models I chose with the desired beige and black lace were perfect, uniquely made. It’s great to know, nobody has quite the same.

The golden box from Eden Lingerie was a happiness box.

Later wearing the underwear I felt powerful and confident.

You know that saying “Alongside every powerful man is a powerful woman”

Then what’s the secret of a powerful woman? Well try Eden Lingerie and we’ll talk after.


Photo credits: Jeroen Paesen