It is often said that first impressions are what defines your experience. We arrived at Conacul Archia after a long drive to be warmly welcomed by the reception team but also by the owners Horia and his mother Virginia Szabo.

Conacul Archia is a family run hotel and it is clear that they are actively involved in its running.  They take pride in what they have created and ensure every guest enjoys their stay. The warm welcome was just the start. With check in complete we headed to our room, the Maci (poppies room) and again, wow seemed to be the first words upon entering the room. A large room with its unique decoration. The walls decorated in poppy flowers and traditional style furniture, all matching perfectly.

Since its creation ten years ago, Conacul Archia has established itself as a luxury retreat. An Ideal place to escape the busy city life, but it also works perfectly as a pied-a-terre to go discover Transylvania.

With an onsite restaurant serving delicious bio food, swimming pool with poolside bar, tennis courts and an impressive menage and stables it is easy to get comfortable on the vast estate.

It is clear that Conacul Archia is a special place. Some hotels offer you a place you stay, others are an experience. Conacul Archia definitely falls into the category of delivering an experience.

The Rooms

Every room has its own unique design representing the nature that is found right there on the farm as well as  well as a focus on traditional and Transylvanian life.

Each room combines unique creativity coupled with an attention to detail incorporating the family heritage. I think it is safe to say that no two rooms have the same furniture. The Traditional room includes Transylvanian artefacts that decorate the walls including a traditional Romanian shirt that was worn by Horia’s grandmother at her wedding.

The rooms are spit over two floors with larger rooms including the roots rooms, hunters rooms, an equestrian room and the traditional room on the first floor.

Making a significant impression on the second floor is the Transylvania room, a true statement of Romanian tradition. The attic style rooms on the second floor also each leave their mark with the lavender room, the doves room and the flower room to name just a few.

We are already debating on which room to stay in next!

Conacul Archia
Conacul Archia
Conacul Archia

Conacul Archia

Organising An Event

As we sat having breakfast on or first morning we saw a young couple with their parents in deep discussion, as they left to go explore Conacul Archia we couldn’t help but wander… are they planing their wedding?

Since we got married recently, we have vivid recollections of the search for the perfect venue. Had they found it? The prospect of a wedding got us excited for them and also made us curious as to the possibilities.

It turns out Conacul Archia may just be the perfect location. With three fully catered pavilions on the grounds of the property, they will take the organising of your event off hands, regardless of the size of your wedding.

As we discussed with Horia, we were almost felt apologetic that we were already married and could no longer take advantage of a wedding at Conacul Archia, with a backdrop of the stables, the horses and the rolling hills of Transylvania.

Fortunately there was a sudden solution. “We also do corporate events came the proposal”, with a smile. So the opportunity for an event remained open. And indeed, this may be the perfect location to escape the hustle of city life to escape and to get a team together. The perfect place to let thoughts flow freely. The perfect place to get creative or impress your clients if the need requires.

Horse Riding at Conacul Archia


Conacul Archia is located in the heart of Transylvania, on the outskirts of Deva. Within a short 10 minute drive we were in the centre of Deva and climbing to explore the Fortress of Deva (wear comfortable shoes as there are a lot of stairs to climb).

Beyond Deva you have stunning Transylvania to explore. With Castles in abundance, I highly recommend the medical castle of Corvina which is about a 20 minute drive from Deva. Corvina Castle is in great condition and with its impressive draw bridge entry leaves a really strong impression.

Within an hour drive along the A1 motorway Sibiu offers a perfect day trip and an opportunity to explore the beauty of the this ancient city, wander round the lively pedestrian area and soak up the sunshine in the many cafes and restaurants.

Transylvania has no shortage of things to see and places to discover. Conacul Archia offers you a great hub from which to explore. Whether it’s castles, nature or cities such as Sibiu, Cluj, Alba Iulia or Brasov, Transilvania can offer you a varied experience and take you back in time.

What should you visit in Transylvania?

Wandering through the pedestrian streets in Sibiu
Pedestrian streets in Sibiu

Corvin Castle
Corvin Castle

Getting to Conacul Archia

By road Conacul Archia is reachable within about an hour from Sibiu. The A1 motorway taking you from Brasov almost to the doorstep of hotel.

By plane, Sibiu International airport has direct flights to a wide range of European cities. Sibiu International airport is situated close to the A1 motorway and also within an hour drive.

Transylvania is a gem the is ready to be discovered, Conacul Archia offers and experience that will blend any trip to Transylvania together allowing you to experience the Transylvanian experience to its fullest potential.

The best time of year to travel to Transilvania is between April and September.

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