Recently I built a new comfortable shoe collection, it is hard to believe, even for me as I have always been a heel addict.

Feeling comfortable became my new priority but you can always find a pair of stilettos in my car’s boot.

My comfortable choices for the weekend:

1. Golden sneakers from Aldo, you can find them here. They are this kind of shoe that you want to live in for the entire weekend.

Geox shoes

2 If you prefer the high top version for a slightly cooler day, you can find them here.

Ghete Geox

3. White ballet flats, a French style that will make you look so stylish. You can find them here.

balerini albi

4. Flat, versatile sandals  for a proper walk on the seaside or just matching your city outfit.

You can find them here. 

sandale Dune

5. Get in a bohemian mood with these wedge sandals and match them with a white light dress.

You can find them here.

So my thought of the day: change opinion about something or someone!