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After our romantic day in Bruges we made our way over to Antwerp. We had only planned a short stay in Antwerp and instantly impressed  with this city, I even thought that we might like to live here one day. I caught myself so many times thinking  “Oh, I was not expecting this. It’s so beautiful!”

Our hotel was centrally located so we started exploring the minute we walked out of the door.

1.Great Market or Grote Markt van Antwerpen in my first photo is the main cobbled square surrounded by buildings with typical architecture, restaurants and great cafes. When we visited we still caught the Christmas market.  Around this area you should try a Belgian hot chocolate.

2.Cathedral  of our Lady is the Antwerp’s landmark and it is located in the same area (my forth photo). The cathedral is 123 meters high and you can see it from a distance peaking up above the surrounding buildings. Inside, you will find a beautiful collection of aft including a series of Ruben’s paintings.

3.Antwerp Central Station built between 1895 and 1905 it is one of the most romantic railway stations worldwide, it will impress you by it’s beautiful architecture. It is definitely worth a wander and will make you fee like in an old movie.

4.The Diamond District is in the same area as the Central Station. Antwerp is famous for its diamonds. It’s a must do experience, the area is filled with many diamonds shops. In some of them you can see stones with the famous ‘Antwerp Cut’.

5.Graanmarkt 13 is a hidden gem that you have to discover. This is a very cool restaurant and also a great design shop. The chef is does not only create incredible tasting food, his dishes are also pleasing to the eye. After your lunch you can explore the design shop for unique presents.

6.Cafe de Rooden Hoed is also a landmark in the city. We waited like 30 minutes for a table on a Saturday night, fortunately there is a bar to start off with an aperitif. It was highly recommended to us and we really like the vibe of the place. High ceilings, good atmosphere and great beer the place has a typical brasserie menu. We took the mussels, a must when you are in Belgium. You can find more recommendations for places to eat in Belgium  here. 

Enjoy Antwerpen and see you in my next article!

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Photo credits: Jeroen Paesen