After four years of blogging I have become friends with all the social media tools . Getting started with social media can be overwhelming, combining the desire to build a successful blog with the need study and discover so many apps, learn about photo apps and filters whilst also coming up with fresh social media ideas.

Whilst talking with small business owners and other bloggers the two qustions that I have heard most frequently are ‘What should I post on social media?’  and ‘how to engage my audience?’

I discovered that building a social media strategy to act as foundation for my blog was a goldmine, planning my content in advance saved me time, increased the quality of the content and in time, got m to the results I wanted.

In this post I’m going to share a few content ideas that worked for me and engaged my followers.

1.First introduce yourself and the story of your brand, and repeat this continuously.  As your brand starts to grow you will continue to expose yourself to new potential follows and fans of your brand. Ensure that you are introducing yourself to each of these so that they all get to know you, not just your early followers.

2. Share with your followers three things about you, your followers have to know the person beyond your brand. In my case, If you look at my website, you will see my introductions as ‘Blogger, traveller, shoe lover. Welcome to my world where we may live: head in the clouds, feet on the ground’

3.Promote your brand or one of your new products in my case a new article on the blog. If you are not able to promote every product or article, incorporate into your social media strategy which will be the most impactful releases and ensure that those are the ones getting promoted.

4. Introduce one of your clients and tag them. The power of collaboration can take you a long way and can extend your reach as you can extend your reach to your client’s network. What is key here is to ensure that they agree and support your post, in this way they will help to get it seen.

5.Build a pattern into your posting schedule. Repetition can be good, it brings familiarity. On Monday’s you can have the “Monday thoughts” for example, on Tuesday you can have 10% percent discount to a certain product and so on. This sets an expectation and will drive return visitors. After a while you’ll find your audience engaged in your posting routine.

(click on the photo to see the story)

6. Host a challenge.  Getting your audience involved in your posts is a powerful way to increase your reach. Challenge three friends to post images on a certain topic related to your brand using a specified hashtag and they will challenge another three people and so on.

7.Share an inspiring quote and ask your followers what is inspiring them or ask them to share their favourite quote.



8.Poll your audience, ask a question and offer two given answers that will create a buzz.


(Click on the photo to see the story.)

9. Ask for advice from your followers on certain topic related to your brand.

10. For a weekend post instead to post your coffee, ask your audience how do they drink their coffee or how do they start the day.

11.Share a behind the scenes content, these sneak picks are very apreciated posts.

Moments of happiness three years ago during my first photoshoot for the blog #moments

Publicată de Shoes with a View pe 28 Noiembrie 2016


12. Share a post about how do you get organised and ask for tips from your audience.

13. Ask a question like: If you could dine with any famous person, who would that be?

14.Share a video with you and your product or article that you want to promote.

Making of a nice photoshooting in London soon all the details on

Publicată de Shoes with a View pe 19 Noiembrie 2017

15 Formulate your posts like questions and have a call to action for each of them.

Beautiful streets of Sighisoara! Have I convinced you yet to visit Transylvania #visitsighisoara

Publicată de Shoes with a View pe 20 Mai 2018

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Hugs, Ela